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amir temur

The future Mawarannahr’s (Transoxiana) liberator from foreign invaders, was born in 1336 in the village of Khodja-Ilgar (modern city Shahrisabz). Temur ibn Barlas Taragay  (son of Timur Taragay of Barlases) is the full name of the “Iron” commander. His name Temur comes from Turkic language and means “iron”.  Many historians describe his character as an iron-willed.  Amir Temur was a brave and courageous.  In one of the trips he was wounded in the leg, causing noticeable limp, but it only gave him a frightening appearance. It is known that Temur had athletic build, his height was 172 cm (it became known after the opening of his tomb), he was strong much more than any of his soldiers, and always personally involved in all the campaigns.

By the beginning of the XV century, Temur has created one of the greatest empires in history. Samarkand, which Temur made his capital, has become the largest and richest city in the East.  To protect their land – from the river Volga and Caucasus mountain in the west to India in the Southwest – he created an almost perfect army.  During the reign of Amir Temur large-scale construction was carried out in Samarkand and other cities, in which monumental buildings were erected, body of law and art developed.

Today, in honor of the great commander in the center of Tashkent, the square has his name, with a majestic monument – Amir Temur seated on a horse with his hand raised, across the street from it there is a museum of Timurids. Monument of Amir Temur is depicted on the Uzbek banknote of 500 soums, and in 1996 the Order of the “Amir Temur” was established.

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